Why I didn't upgrade to the awesome A7RIII

I’ve loved my move from the Nikon D810 to the Sony A7Rll but there is still a lot that bugs me about the A7Rll. It’s those little annoyances which excited me for the new A7Rlll.

It was great to see Sony actually consider the photographer and put their focus on upgrading what was wrong with the A7Rll rather than packing in some more resolution and calling it a day.

I was singing praises the moment it was announced. So, of-course, here’s why I decided not to upgrade.

Landscape photographers ask a lot from their gear but also very little. Back when I was shooting weddings and events I was constantly reminded of why I loved my Nikon D4s. Auto-focus, metering, frame rates, buffer rates, battery life – the camera was a workhorse tool and forever felt like it was ready to go.

As a landscape tog, I just don’t need a camera to do that.

Landscape photography is about two things. Getting to the right place at the right time and getting the best shot of it you can. So, in order of priority, here is a long and exhaustive list what features of the A7Rll really matter to me:

1.     Image Quality


Ok ok, so that might be a slight exaggeration, there are a few other things I care about but they come a distant second to IQ. Here’s a pretty picture to explain.

Here in Australia the A7Rlll averages between $4,600 - $4,800. That’s about $1,200 - $1,800 more than the current going rate of a new A7Rll. Let’s be conservative with $1,200 and go back to our pretty picture and see how much of that premium each of my requirements are worth:

Of what’s important to me, the A7Rlll is worth $186 more than the A7Rll.

I know I know, the real-life experience has got to be worth something. Right? Of-course, but these days, I’m fairly simple. Here’s another pretty picture to explain how I use the A7Rll in the field:

Of-course there is a truck load more involved with both cameras but at a fundamental level, no part of my workflow in the field would be greatly changed with the A7Rlll.

So, back to the upgrade. The A7Rlll is a terrific camera and I congratulate Sony for really rounding off the rougher edges of the A7Rll. The 3 is now a far more complete and capable camera.

But the upgrades are just not of value to me given my use. So, I bought a second A7Rll.

Happy shooting peeps!