Every so often I stop and realise how big of a role photography has played in my life.

Early on with a camera and despite a growing and unassailable enthusiasm for taking photos, I remained only self-taught. I would spend hours, days and long nights searching inspiration from others and teaching myself how to recognise what it was within their images I liked and how to do it myself.

This self-discovery was also the genesis of my inquisitiveness and passion for adventure which have come to embody and shape so much of what I now love.


I am sincerely thankful for the place photography has in my world today.

For the experiences it has given, the friends I have met and the journeys it has paved. Some might say it has kept the wick burning but I would prefer to say it has given me an opportunity to value what is around us and enjoy the experiences more than the reward.

As many would attest, behind every pretty photo is a long drive, a far walk or a cold night and I wouldn’t be sharing these images if it weren’t for the support of my beautiful wife, Emily.

Thank you for supporting me every step of the way.

So welcome to jaydaley.com.

Seeing others enjoy what I do is the highest accolade I could ask for so thank you for stopping by and please drop me a note if there’s anything you have seen of which you cannot find here or for any custom requests and enquiries. 

I would love to hear from you.